Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Earl Sweatshirt - Chum

This video is a masterpiece man, how'd they get those giant frogs? That shit is left field as fuck I mess with it.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Florence + The Machine - The Creative Process

In today's day and age everything seems to be systematic, or exactly one way and not very organic. So when I come across things like this on the net it's always good to know that the creative process is still a creative thing and not just process.

Night in The Life - Miles Medina Interview

Night In The Life: Miles Medina from Keane on Vimeo.

Probably the most influential DJ in my eyes. True inspiration.

Adrian Ho For Unis Exclusively From GQ

                                                Beautiful. And she's wearing tiger camo.

"Stranger" by Tribe of Zebras

These kids from LA know whats up. Great music - Great video.


Haim over everything.


Dena is my berlin Soundcloud connect. Always has great input on whats happening in berlin and she makes awesome music. So when she puts out a mixtape I listen. Lots of dope stuff in here.

Jake Davis Interprets Union In A Cinematic Way

Union x Jake Davis from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

Shout out to the curly haired honey in this video though. You're beautiful.

Dale Talde and Good Brooklyn Food

Dale Talde shows us around Park Slope and all the food they have to offer, but for the
most part it's a deeper look into how passionate he himself and the city are. And with
restaurants like these right here where everything is gourmet and really organic, it's
important to know that it's about the culture; everything connects.